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Gall Bladder Disease

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Gall Bladder Disease


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Gall Bladder Disease

What is Gall Bladder disease?

Gall bladder disease a condition where inflammation, infection, stones, or obstruction bile flow affects the gall bladder.

Gall bladder disease is also called Biliary disease; Gallbladder attack; Biliary colic.

What is the Gall Bladder?   

The gall bladder is a small pear-shaped organ that stores and concentrates bile. It is connected to the liver (which produces the bile) by the hepatic duct. The gall bladder is approximately 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 cm) long and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide.

The most common types of gall bladder disease include:

Symptoms of Gall Bladder Disease

The most common symptoms of gall bladder disease are:    

  • Abdominal fullness or gas
  • Abdominal pain that is:
    • Severe
    • Located on the right side (right upper quadrant) or in the upper middle of the abdomen (epigastric)
    • Decreased over 12 to 18 hours in uncomplicated cases
    • Recurrent or similar to pain in past
    • Occurring after meals
    • Worse during deep intake of breath
    • Radiating to back or below the right shoulder blade
    • Worse after eating or drinking fatty foods or fluids
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Chills and shaking
  • Chest pain under the breastbone

Can Gall Bladder Disease be Treated?  

Gall bladder disease can be treated . Treatment depends on the specific type of gallbladder disease. In some cases, the gall bladder will be removed.

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