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Freeze Dried Fruit vs. Frozen Fruit

Freeze dried fruit and frozen fruit both have their good points, which are worth looking at. Frozen fruit for example is often picked and then frozen when it is at its most fresh and that makes it a healthy choice. Frozen fruits are particularly good for making fruit smoothies. When buying frozen fruits choose the ones packed with syrup sparingly as it can be full of calories. Freeze dried fruits, found in many cereals, are small in size and lightweight but research studies have found that the antioxidant phytochemicals that are in fruits when they are fresh remain a part of the fruit when it is freeze dried and that makes it still of benefit when it is consumed.

Frozen Fruit

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) frozen fruits (and frozen vegetables for that matter) are every bit as healthy as freeze dried fruits and are able to retain their health benefits for a long period of time. Wild blueberries in particular are very conducive to freezing as indeed no one fruit freezes up as good as the wild blueberry. When they are at their peak in terms of ripeness, wild blueberries are picked, sorted, cleaned and then on an individual basis they are frozen within hours of being picked. Not only does freezing allow blueberries to keep their nutritional goodness but it locks in the flavor as well.

Berries are full of antioxidants, which fight aging and fight free radical damage to the cells. This includes all berries such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and raspberries but wild blueberries have been ranked "number one in terms of antioxidant activity" when compared to other types of fruits.

Freeze Dried Fruit

Many purees as well as fruit juices from a variety of fruits are freeze dried and made into powders or other pieces of freeze dried substances. These freeze dried fruits are then placed in products such as cereals or healthy snacks where quick dehydration is necessary. Freeze dried fruit is a convenient way to get your necessary amount of fruit on a day-to-day basis and it is often very cost effective. Freeze dried fruit is available all 12 months of the year and it is compact and does not require refrigeration. Freeze dried fruits do not take up a lot of space and they tend to be the fruit of choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

On the downside, studies have shown that freeze dried fruits are lower in vitamins such as vitamin C that have a tendency to break down easily than do those in frozen fruits. Studies have been ongoing since 1980 to fight a link between freeze dried fruits and protection against cancers that strike the esophagus and the colon.

No matter whether you choose frozen fruits, freeze dried fruits or a combination of both on a regular basis, aim for the daily recommended dose which is three to four servings of fruit per day.

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