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Moms need friends too
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Important reasons why moms need friends

Friends are your support system. When you can depend on friends, you feel safe and cared for.

Friends help you de-stress

Friends also help us reduce stress. Not only do they listen to us when we need to vent, but they also provide much needed diversion from what is stressing us. Participating in shared interests and activities with friends helps us forget about problems at work or at home. For a brief time, we can lose ourselves in a pleasant activity and perhaps laugh and breathe easier.

Girlfriends understand you in ways that your husband or boyfriend doesn't

Having good girlfriends and spending time with them is incredibly important during the days and weeks following the birth of your child. Your boyfriend or husband won't fully understand why you worry about leaking breasts, blow-dry your hair before going to the grocery store, or lie awake at night because your daughter's preschool teacher called her "timid." Spending time with a good friend will help you feel understood, appreciated, and more confident.

Good friends make your relationship stronger

Women who lack close friendships are sometimes so needy that it can create conflicts in their intimate relationship.

Coffee with your girlfriends is cheaper than therapy

Friends offer acceptance and emotional support. Friends also help occasionally with the practical aspects of day-to-day living, cooking a meal, taking you out, helping with chores, or giving you a lift when you need one.

Friends also offer advice, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. Friendships help us feel connected and less isolated.

When your children are older, they will thank you

The quality of a mother's intimate relationships is one of the strongest predictors of her child's healthy development in the early years, says Dana Crowley Jack, EdD, an expert on women's health at Western Washington University, in Bellingham.

How to make new friends

If you suddenly find yourself without a good group of friends (don't worry, it happens to all of us), there are several simple ways to make new friends.

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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