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Mallet Toe

What is a Mallet Toe?

A mallet toe is a condition that occurs when the joint at the end of the toe cannot straighten. When a person has a mallet toe, the tip of the toe is often turned down against the shoe. Mallet toe causes pressure and discomfort.

Excessive rubbing of the mallet toe against the top of the shoe can lead to pain and the development of a corn.

A mallet toe can cause extreme discomfort. It can be aggravated if restrictive or improperly fitting footwear is worn for a prolonged period of time.

What causes a Mallet Toe?

The development of a mallet toe is often caused by bone and muscle imbalances. These imbalances become exaggerated in people with active lifestyles.

Can a Mallet Toe be treated?

Yes. The goal of treatment is to relieve pressure, reduce friction, and transfer forces from the sensitive areas.

Some of the most common treatments for mallet toe are:

  • wearing shoes with a high and broad toe area
  • gel toe caps
  • gel toe shields
  • toe crest


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