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The Kneading Roller 2000TM Body Foot Massager

The Kneading Fingers 2000TM Platinum Series employs two "thumbs" that deliver the closest thing to a real massage compared to any machine on the market. It is designed to virtually duplicate the firm kneading action of a trained masseur. The Kneading Fingers 2000TM has been engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. If you have compared the Kneading Fingers 2000TM to the cheap imitations, you have already experienced the difference!

The kneading technique received from using the Kneading Fingers 2000TM concentrates on applying a hands-on, rhythmic massage to various pressure points on the body. Body and tension dissolve, and your body responds with healthful relaxation. Most vibrating and oscillating massagers "work" the surface areas of the body and do not penetrate deep into stiff, knotted muscles. Far more effective than surface vibration, the Kneading Fingers 2000TM mechanical "thumbs" provide deep, rhythmic kneading of the muscles in your neck, back, shoulders, feet, arms and legs.

Benefits of using the Kneading Foot Massage Machine

The greatest benefit of using a kneading foot massage machine is relaxation. After using a kneading foot massage machine, most people will feel relaxed and experience a general feeling of well being.

A good kneading foot massage machine will help to keep your body running smoothly by improving blood circulation, clearing out impurities, balancing your system, and giving you more energy.


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