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Body Foot Massager Vibrating Pro

The Body/Foot Massager Pro with the Shiatsu knobs, provides intense finger pressure therapy. The Shiatsu knobs can be detached from the Body/Foot Massager Pro with a few simple turns. This massager comes with three different types of Shiatsu knobs and we are sure you will enjoy the effect of each different knob, but if you prefer, the Body/Foot Massager Pro offers the user a great body massage by simply unscrewing the knobs and using the unit as a body massager on the back, buttocks or thigh.

The Concentric motion of the powerful motor gives a consistent stimulation and the massage speed is freely controlled by the speed dial! The Body/Foot Massager Pro has a large pad that is anatomically designed to fit your body contour for effective, full body massage. The round handle on the Body/Foot Massager Pro is designed to be securely held with ease, and the handle provides great massage benefits, especially when someone helps apply it. Stability is assured for using the Body/Foot Massager Pro upside down on the floor or massage table.

The Body/Foot Massager Pro is constructed sturdily and care has been taken to ensure excellent performance and the Body/Foot Massager Pro comes with a great warranty which is 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor!


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