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RESOLVE and other Infertility Support Groups

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Organization is a nationwide (US) non-profit, dedicated to providing information and support to those dealing with infertility.

Services offered by RESOLVE include:

  • Information – RESOLVE’s website ( offers a wide range of up to date information about fertility testing, reproductive treatments, and much more. Teleseminars are also offered, covering topics as diverse as preparing for an adoption home study and managing fibroids.
  • Advocacy – The organization is constantly engaged in fighting for greater awareness of fertility issues, and better insurance coverage.
  • Resources – A series of educational podcasts and webcasts are available for download. There is a directory of fertility specialists, clinics, adoption agencies, attorneys, and counselors to help you locate professionals in your geographic area.
  • Support – RESOLVE offers online and face-to-face support groups where you can share your concerns with other couples who are going through the same difficulties. Understanding that pregnancy resulting from fertility treatments can also be stressful, there are specific groups for “Living After Infertility”. If RESOLVE does not have a support group in your region, contact them and they will put you in touch with other couples in your area.

Others ways to find an infertility support group in your area include asking your endocrinologist for a recommendation, checking with local hospitals and clinics, and contacting local churches.

If you prefer an online source of support, there are dozens of options in addition to the groups offered by RESOLVE. A quick Google search can provide a long list of support forums, both generic and specific to certain conditions or treatments.

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