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Are Exercise Videos Worth it?

Do exercise videos really help you get in shape? The answer is: "That depends. There are some people who will never go to a fitness center because they just do not feel comfortable in that sort of environment. Other people are so time crunched that their schedules do not allow them enough time to get a decent workout at the gym. Then, there are financial factors that should be considered. For some people, a gym membership is just too expensive.

For these types of people, exercise videos can be regarded as cherished gifts from the Fitness Fairy. For the most part, fitness industry experts teach the more popular exercise videos. They often include excellent cueing and safety precautions along with programs that are tried and true. The instructors usually offer positive reinforcement and affirmations. Since they are performing on video, you don't have to worry about the instructor being moody.

Some exercise videos are shot in beautiful locations such as mountains and beaches. This can supply you with the extra motivation needed to watch the video. You can pretend that you are taking a vacation on an island or mountain resort.

There are other benefits to exercise videos. You can perform them on your own schedule, and you can work at your own pace. If there is an exercise you don't understand, simply rewind the tape and play it back. Since you will be using the same video over a period of time, it will be easier to chart your progress than if you were in a class that performs random exercises at each session.

While all of this sounds like Manna from heaven, there are a few caveats. If you are an inexperienced exerciser, there will obviously be no feedback regarding your form. Performing an exercise incorrectly might do you more harm than good. This should also be taken into consideration if you are either pregnant, recovering from an injury or a senior citizen who has not exercised for many years.

The boredom and burnout factor of exercise videos should also be considered. If you practice the same video for too long, you begin to go on autopilot. Eventually, the benefits of the video are decreased. However, this can be avoided by purchasing a decent variety of exercise videos. As long as your exercise videos do not collect dust on your bookshelf, they can be a convenient way to get in shape.

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