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Glare Screen

What is a Glare Screen?

A glare screen is a filter placed over a computer screen to help prevent glare on the screen.

Glare screens improve screen visibility by reducing bright spots or washout caused by ambient light on monitor screens. Glare screens do not reduce the magnetic fields.

Once the glare screen is installed, you may need to increase the brightness of the monitor to compensate for any darkening caused by the glare screen.

Why Use a Glare Screen?

Glare will help reduce eyestrain and prevalence of headaches.

Features to look for when buying an Ergonomic keyboard?

  • Mesh, polarized, optically coated screens that are both polarized and optically coated cause much less distortion than mesh screens.
  • Size
  • Duration of warranty
  • Adjustable
  • Privacy function
    • A privacy function provides the security necessary to keep confidential material private.
    • The filter is transparent only to the person sitting directly in front of the monitor.
  • Anti-static grounding clip
    • Helps keep dust from gathering on the screen.
  • Type of fastener Velcro

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