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Is standing water really dangerous?

Everybody needs water to survive. A cold glass of fresh, clean water will not only quench your thirst but keep your body hydrated and healthy. However, standing water is detrimental to your health and well being.

Common Places for Standing Water

Standing water can be found nearly anywhere and almost any time of year. It is most dangerous to your health during warmer months. Stagnant water can cause harm to you, your family and your pets.

After severe storms, excessive rainfall amounts and hurricanes, the ground may not be able to absorb all of the precipitation. This causes the water to pool in roads and on lawns. The city’s sewer system may not be able to handle all of the water and back up. Septic systems can also become filled with water and cause sewage to be pushed back into your home.

There have been an increased number of foreclosed homes on the market due to the economy.  Because they are no longer cared for, they often have standing water on the property. Banks aren’t in the business of selling homes and they certainly don’t want to do anything to maintain them nor pay the bills for maintenance. They do as little as possible to avoid fines from Code Enforcement Officers. Swimming pools on the foreclosed property are usually just left to sit. This causes the water to become stagnated, green, algae-filled and mosquito infested.

People that don’t keep their property neat also commonly have standing water. Old tires that haven’t made it to the recycling center and buckets and receptacles that have been left uncovered can collect rainwater. Without them being emptied daily, problems can arise.

Health Problems Related To Standing Water

There are many dangers when it comes to standing water. Stagnant water is a favorite breeding place for mosquitoes, dragonflies and flies in general. People rarely disturb standing water which allows the insect larvae to grow into adults.

Mosquitoes carry a host of diseases including Malaria, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Yellow Fever. These are very serious diseases. Mosquitoes also carry heart worms to dogs and tapeworms as well. Flies also carry tons of diseases.

Standing water inside of your home is dangerous too. It can promote the growth of mold and mildew. Mold is a serious problem and can cause respiratory problems for you and your family.

Dump Everything

It is important to keep any kind of receptacle upside down to avoid water buildup. If you notice swimming pools in your neighborhood that are stagnant and green or people that have old tires or containers lying around, you should contact your local code enforcement office. Keeping your family healthy and safe is paramount.

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