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Can My Septic System Really Make Me Sick?

Most people have their waste removed from their homes through city sewer lines. However, in the less populated, rural areas many people have septic systems instead of sewers. In these areas, homes often have well water as their main water source instead of city water. It would be astronomical for the locality to run water and sewer lines to farms and rural residences. Septic systems and wells are the norm in many communities.

Older Septic Systems

Anyone that has purchased a property with a septic system knows how important it is to make sure that it works effectively and efficiently. There are companies that specialize in testing septic systems. An ineffective system can cause a host of problems. Unfortunately, older systems did not have a very thick layer of gravel and sand as they are required to have today. Gravel and sand is used to filter the waste water before it goes into the ground. Without a heavy filtering bed, contaminated waste water can get into the ground water. This can also end up in your well water thus, contaminating the water that is used inside of your home.

Backed Up Septic Systems

One of the worst things about septic systems is that they can back up into your home. This is certainly not something you would want to experience firsthand. Everything that has been flushed or gone down the drain comes back up into the house. When this happens, it is definitely time to call the septic tank pumpers to come and clean out your septic tank.

The odor is horrendous and the health effects are just as bad. Remember that there is bacteria present in the mess that you will need to clean up. The fumes are also harmful to your health. Without proper protection, you can experience skin irritations, breathing problems, nausea, vomiting and feel sleepy because of the gas fumes. The fumes are actually methane gas and are very dangerous.

Broken Septic Pipes

Broken septic lines cause many problems for those that have septic tanks on their properties. Putting the cost of repair out of the way, the fumes of the waste can cause respiratory issues as well as stomach problems. The gasses can eventually cause you to become tired all of the time. These are toxins that are entering your body and the situation must be dealt with immediately.

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