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How Air Pollution Effecs your Health

It is essential for good health that all human beings breathe fresh, clean air. The industrialization of the planet Earth is seriously causing the deterioration of the health of everyone here as well as the destruction of the planet itself. The results from breathing in dirty and polluted air can be either short term or long term or even a combination of both. Air pollution is more of a problem for young children, elderly people and those with other existing health issues. In reality, air pollution adversely affects all of us.

We all drive automobiles that consume gasoline which significantly contributes to the problem. Motor vehicles emit carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide. All of which are harmful to the environment and our health.

Stationary fuel combustion is a huge cause of air pollution. The heating and cooling systems that keep us warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer can cause harm too. Coal burning energy plants, dry cleaners and oil refineries also contribute a significant amount of toxins to our environment. Even wood burning stoves and fireplaces found in many homes pollute our air.

Health Effects of Air Pollution

There are many short term health effects that are a direct result of air pollution. Have you ever walked outside of your home and had your eyes burn and nostrils and lungs feel like they are on fire? The burning sensation is the pollutants in the air violating not only your senses but your internal organs as well. Some people even have skin reactions such as rashes and redness that have resulted from air pollution.

When harmful pollutants are introduced into the lungs, terrible things can happen. People that have asthma can have increased trouble breathing and need emergency medical attention. Air pollution can cause permanent damage to your lungs and even give you cancer. It can also cause nerve and brain damage. An unborn fetus can be born with birth defects as a direct result from air pollution.

Air pollution has caused the earth’s ozone layer to erode. This thinning has been linked to increased numbers of our population experiencing skin cancer and cataracts. It also affects wildlife, waterways and plants. Structures can be damaged as well because pollution can erode stone and damage homes and buildings.

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