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Phosphates in Everyday Products and Their Impacts on Your Health

Many people don’t realize that our bodies require a certain amount of phosphates. They are necessary for our bones and teeth to be strong and healthy and to keep our blood chemistry regulated properly. Without them, our bodies would suffer.

What Items Are Phosphates Found In?

Most people brush their teeth a couple of times per day. Toothpaste contains phosphates. The phosphates are used as mild abrasives to remove plaque and debris from your teeth. This helps to keep your teeth clean, breath fresh and smile healthy.

Baking mixes usually have phosphates as an ingredient. It’s used to keep the powdered mix from clumping together. Prepackaged breads also have phosphates because they cut down on the growth of bacteria.

Phosphates are also added to your favorite deli meats and cheeses. They keep the meats moist and help the cheeses keep their forms. Each time you order a sandwich or get cold cuts sliced at the deli, you are bringing home and feeding your family phosphates.

The energy drinks that are on the market now contain phosphates. They are used to keep the fizziness in the beverages. Many other beverages also have phosphates as ingredients.

Pesticides and fertilizers contain phosphates as well. The phosphates in fertilizers help the plants grow better and faster than plants that have not been fertilized. Pesticides also have phosphates.

The Dangers of Phosphates

There are a variety of problems that can arise from excessive amounts of phosphates in your diet. Dry mouth is usually the first symptom followed by loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Constipation and then, diarrhea can occur. You will also become very thirsty due to the loss of fluids and will urinate much more frequently.

Phosphates from fertilizers and pesticides can enter our ground water. When applied to the plants or into the soil, after it rains runoff occurs.  This will eventually contaminate our sources for fresh, drinking water and kill the fish and other seafood in the lakes, rivers and oceans. This will eventually harm not only our environment but to our economy as well.

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