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Are Mosquito Control Trucks Poisoning Us?

Mosquitoes are a serious problem in our society. Not only do they bite us, swarm us and make us spotted with red blotches that itch but they also carry diseases. Both man and animals can contract illnesses that directly result from mosquito bites. There is a need for mosquito control trucks and planes but which causes more harm to humans and the environment?

Why Do They Do This?

Many municipalities use chemicals to kill mosquitoes. The chemicals are introduced into the area by way of spraying or fogging. The tiny droplets are disbursed in the air. Most of the chemical products are manufactured so that they kill mosquitoes on contact.

Mosquitoes carry a wide range of diseases for humans and animals. Eastern Equine Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever and Malaria are all transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. These illnesses can be and often are deadly.

Government agencies spray chemical insecticides containing pyrethrins and malathion to protect the health of the public. The products used are always approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Spraying kills the mosquitoes that are in the area treated but it does not prevent other mosquitoes from coming back.

Is It Really Safe?

Just because the EPA says that a product is safe doesn’t mean it is one hundred percent safe! Some people and animals have sensitivities to the chemicals that insecticides contain. Pets that have a low bone to body fat ratio such as Afghan Hounds and Greyhounds are usually very sensitive to pyrethrins.

Our waterways have been affected by the introduction of insecticides. The products used to keep the population safe from disease are leaching into our lakes, rivers and oceans. This contaminates our sources for seafood and kills marine life. The economy can be harmed as well because our commercial fishermen will not be able to make a living. Seafood restaurants will lose their ability to thrive. In essence, there will be a higher unemployment rate. Without quality seafood readily available for purchase, our health will deteriorate as fish is essential for a heart healthy diet.

Is Our Government Truthful About The Safety Of These Products?

Although the government says these products are safe, there are no real guarantees. The next time you see a mosquito spraying truck, take a good, hard look at the driver. Every driver you see will be wearing a protective mask. If the truck driver must wear a mask, how safe can the products really be?

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