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Microwave Ovens and Their Potential

Microwave ovens are in almost every kitchen in the United States. They make defrosting meat, preparing dinner and even making quick snacks simple and fast. Many people use them because they make food preparation convenient for our busy schedules. Some wonder whether the convenience is worth the risk to our family’s health and well being.

Warming Baby Bottles in Microwave Ovens

Nowadays, new parents think it will be a breeze warming bottles for the precious bundle of joy in the microwave oven. Many do not realize the harm that they can cause to their baby. Hundreds of babies have been seriously burned in this manner. The bottles tend to feel cool to the touch but the formula can actually be scalding hot.

Your baby’s nutritional needs may not be met if you warm the bottles in a microwave. Commercial baby formula loses necessary vitamins, while expressed and stored breast milk loses its immunity protection in the microwave oven. It is essential to warm your baby’s bottles in the traditional way; put them in a bowl of hot water.

Microwave Ovens and Your Blood

Regularly consuming food that has been microwaved can have an effect on your blood. Both your white blood cell count and your red blood cell count can decrease after eating food that has been microwaved. This can cause severe anemia which can in turn create even more health problems for you in the future.

Microwaving With Plastic Wrap

Many people use plastic wrap to cover their leftovers for later use. This is fine when storing them in the refrigerator but using it in the microwave is another story. Diethylhexyladapate and Xenoestrogens are both known carcinogens that are found in plastic wrap. These toxins are transmitted into the food that the plastic wrap was meant to protect. The use of plastic wrap in the microwave has been linked to breast cancer in females and decreased sperm counts in males.

To Microwave or Not To Microwave, That Is the Question

All microwaved foods lose nutritional value. However, many people don’t realize that good things such as amino acids in our food are converted into carcinogens when cooked in a microwave. Only you can make the decision as to whether you will use a microwave or not. Many people have already realized the potential health risks and have completely eliminated microwave ovens in their homes. The choice is truly yours.

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