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Can Heavy Metals In The Water Hurt You?

There are tons of ways that our water sources become polluted. Most of which are created by each and every one of us. If you drive an automobile, you are contributing to part of the problem. Honestly, we all contribute to polluting our water supply with heavy metals.

How Do Metals Get Into Our Water And Are They Harmful?

We all know that lead is dangerous, especially for children. The United States government required minimization of lead additives to paints and gasoline years ago. However, many people live in older homes that still have lead pipes. When corrosion begins in the water pipes, lead gets into the tap water. Brass faucets also contain lead and can contaminate the water.

Copper is found naturally in the earth but was mainly used for household plumbing. As the pipes age and corrode, more copper is transferred into the water. High levels of copper can cause nausea and vomiting. Over a long period of time, ingesting too much copper can damage your kidneys and liver.

Arsenic is a highly toxic substance that can be found deep in the earth’s crust. It usually gets into our water because of industrial and agricultural pollution. Ingesting arsenic can cause many cancers including lung, skin, bladder and liver cancer. In severe cases, death can occur.

Mercury is naturally released from rocks and soil and is carried through the air. It also is released when coal or oil is burned. Batteries that are disposed of in garbage incinerators release mercury into the air as well. It gets into the ground water and we consume it in our water. High levels of Mercury can cause nervousness, blurred or low vision and temporary memory loss.

Cadmium enters the air and thus our water through the burning of oil, coal and even household garbage. Once ingested, cadmium can cause stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Eliminating Heavy Metals

Rather than drinking contaminated water, many people purchase bottled drinking water. There are also water filtration systems available that will purify and eliminate heavy metals from the water in your home.

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