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Is There A Danger To Consuming Water With Fluoride?

Most city water in the United States contains fluoride. According to government officials, this is added to the water to assist in the community’s dental health. Many types of toothpaste contain fluoride so the additional fluoride in the water is overkill. People do not need that much fluoride and it can actually be harmful to humans in large quantities. Fluoride can make you and your family members ill.

Signs of Fluoride Toxicity

Excessive fluoride consumptions can severely affect the way your body works. It can damage both the structure of your cells as well as their ability to perform necessary functions. The organs and tissues can be damaged from too much fluoride.

The earliest signs are aches and pains in your joints, nausea and stomach problems such as vomiting and excessive flatulence. You will become constipated at first but it will eventually lead to diarrhea. Extreme thirst will lead to excessive urination. These problems can quickly dehydrate you. You will become anemic with a low red blood cell count and experience weakening of your muscles and constant fatigue.

Eventually, your bones will become brittle and shatter and your teeth will crumble inside of your mouth. Excessive fluoride can really do you harm.

Reproductive Repercussions

Miscarriages and still born babies have been linked to excessive fluoride consumption. Some medical professionals believe that children born to a mother with fluorosis can have a low IQ level.

Men also suffer from reproductive problems if they have an excessive fluoride intake. Low testosterone levels, low sperm counts, abnormal sperm and the absence of sperm in the semen have been believed to be the result of excess fluoride in the body.

Fluorosis Prevention

Many people don’t realize that fluoride is not needed for good health and a great smile. The best way to achieve both is to have a healthy and nutritious diet from the beginning of life. If your city adds fluoride to the water system, consider using bottled water. Purchasing toothpaste without fluoride will also help you to eliminate fluoride from your body.

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