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I Thought Using Fertilizer Was A Good Thing

Many people enjoy putting in a vegetable garden in the spring and reaping the fruits of their labor all summer long. Avid gardeners take great care of their plants from seed to maturity. They work the soil thoroughly and remove all of the rocks and dirt clods. They go to their local nursery and buy bags of chemical fertilizer so that they plants stay healthy. They take pride in growing the biggest tomatoes on the block but they don’t realize that they are doing irreparable harm to our environment.

Fertilizers Are Killing Marine Life

People understand that fertilizer is mixed into the garden’s soil or spread on the lawn to keep the growth healthy. Oftentimes, they don’t quite understand the harm they are doing to our environment. The fertilizer which contains phosphorus and nitrogen runs off when it rains. This causes the tainted water to be deposited into storm drains which can contaminate waterways. Once the chemicals get into the lakes, rivers and oceans, algae blooms occur. The algae will deplete the oxygen in the water which the marine life needs to survive. Eventually, the fish suffocate and die.

This harms both our economy and our health. When fish kills happen, fishermen cannot make the money they need to support themselves and their families. The price of the fish that are caught increases because they are harder to come by. With the higher price, many people will be unable to afford to purchase fish even though it is an important part of a healthy diet.

Leaching Into Ground Water

Fertilizers that are mixed into the soil usually end up leaching into the ground water. The phosphorus and nitrogen found in fertilizer is extremely dangerous for the environment and babies as well. High levels of nitrogen in the water can cause Blue Baby Syndrome. The infant’s blood cannot carry the oxygen throughout the body. Without adequate oxygen levels, the skin on the baby has a bluish color to it. This often leads to the death of the baby.

Organic Fertilizers

Many people have been switching to organic fertilizers for their lawns and gardens. This is a wise choice as it is much better for the environment and the general health and safety of generations to come. Some people are concerned that organic fertilizers don’t work as well as chemical fertilizers. They actually improve the soil and plants do just fine with organic fertilizer.

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