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Will Local Cement Plants Harm My Family?

Cement plants are important for our infrastructure and many other things. It is necessary to build almost everything. Bridges and roads are constructed out of cement and concrete. Most homes’ foundations are made out of cement. Cement is used for some driveways and pool decks too. City sidewalks are constructed out of cement. It is all around us and cement is truly a necessity for the way that we live in the United States.

Mercury Emitted From Cement Plants

Cement kilns are known to release mercury into the air. Once the mercury is released into the air, it has to land somewhere which means on the land as well as into our waterways. The mercury contaminates everything.

Have you ever seen a thermometer that contained mercury? Depending upon your age, you might remember that it is the red fluid that moves in the thermometer to register someone’s temperature. If a nurse dropped it, the whole room would be cleared so the mercury could be cleaned up. It is a dangerous element.

The fetuses of pregnant women can experience developmental problems in the brain. Adults may experience high blood pressure or heart problems when exposed to high levels of mercury. This is dangerous for our entire population.

Mercury from cement plants often winds up in the water. This is a major problem. The mercury contaminates our waterways. This contaminates our fish and other marine life and directly affects our health. Too much mercury in our seafood can cause serious health problems for the person consuming them.

Dioxins from Cement Plants

Cement plants release many toxins into our environment including dioxins. Dioxins can cause many health problems including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cancer. Minor effects of dioxin exposure can cause skin ailments, burning of the oral cavities, lightheadedness, urinary problems, aches and pains as well as nausea and vomiting. Exposure at low levels can also cause gastric problems and the excessive and abnormal growth of hair.

The closer you live to a cement plant the higher dioxin level you will get into your body. At high levels, the potential for more serious health problem increases. Dioxins can wreak havoc on many systems in the human body. Infertility problems can affect both men and women. Developmental delays in children have been the result of high dioxin exposure. Cases of diabetes and heart disease are higher in areas near cement plants. Dioxins also cause liver problems, pancreatic issues and diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems of the body.

Make an Educated Decision

It is essential that you educate yourself about the health hazards associated with living near cement plants. Before you rent or buy a home, do the research. Your decision could directly affect your health and longevity as well as that of your family.

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