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New Carpets Can Create Health Problems

Most people like the look and feel of carpeting beneath their feet. When the old carpet becomes worn out and dingy looking, they immediately make plans to replace it. Shopping for carpeting may be fun as your home will have a fresh, new look once it is installed. However, new carpeting can seriously affect your good health.

Carpet Toxins

Synthetic carpets have many toxins that can harm your health and that of your family. A variety of chemicals are released from synthetic carpets. These chemicals are volatile organic compounds, more commonly known as VOC's.  Even the glue used during installation has VOC's.

Most people know all about VOC's in paint. They make a concerted effort to purchase low or no VOC paints for their home. Although expensive, low VOC carpeting is readily available at most flooring stores.

Carpet Toxicity Symptoms

Symptoms vary drastically when it comes to carpet toxicity. Some people have experienced runny or stuffy noses, runny eyes, coughing and sore throats similar to that of the common cold or allergies. Many have complained of mild to severe headaches, general aches and pains as well as fatigue.

Those that perform carpet installations on a daily basis experience these problems more severely. Some installers suffer from aches and pains, nausea and vomiting. Once away from the carpeting, the symptoms begin to clear up quickly.

Children tend to experience symptoms more heavily than adults. This is probably because they usually play with their toys on the carpeted area. Young children can become very ill very fast after new carpeting has been installed in their homes.

Making New Carpet Safer

It is essential to know that new carpets release VOC toxins for a year after they have been installed. With age, less and less VOC's are released. It’s best to always keep the area well ventilated. Leaving your windows open, keeping fans turned on and having a clean air filter in your furnace and air conditioning system will help. Carbon filtration systems can be purchased at nearly any home improvement store. This will help reduce the chances of your family’s health being affected by the new carpet.

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