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Is It Unhealthy To Reuse Plastic Bottles?

Many people believe that they are being environmentally responsible when they reuse plastic bottles. This may be true but they are not being health conscious by doing so. The chemicals used in the production of making plastic bottles can seriously hurt you. They were created for one time use and not for being washed and used time after time.

Food and Beverage Contamination

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is used in plastic bottles and containers. BPA is a synthetic chemical that can create problems with your body’s ability to naturally release hormones required for a healthy body. When plastic bottles are reused, the food or beverages stored in them can become contaminated with BPA.

When plastic bottles get washed, they tend to be squeezed and flexed in the process. This can release even more chemicals and create an even higher health hazard. You should never reuse plastic bottles or containers.

Baby Bottles and Sipper Cups

Believe it or not, baby bottles and sipper cups are made out of plastics that have BPA in them. We all do everything we can to ensure our baby’s and children’s health. We vaccinate on schedule and keep them away from sick people but we use bottles and cups that contain BPA. Although only a small amount of the chemical is released into the formula, water or juice, medical professionals are concerned about the long term effects on the children. They believe that BPA can inhibit normal system development in babies and young children. Glass bottles and cups may be less convenient and can break but they are certainly better for your child’s health than plastic.

Cancers Associated With Reused Plastic

Scientific studies have revealed that the BPA in plastic bottles and containers can be linked to cancer in humans. Breast cancers and uterine cancers are increased in women that reuse plastic. There is also an increased incidence of miscarriage according to medical professionals. Doctors have found that the testosterone levels in men have been drastically reduced when they regularly reuse plastic bottles and containers.

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