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Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

If we can have a penny for all the self-help literature ever published on confidence and self-esteem, we’ll all probably be very rich by now. But the world’s obsession on these two subjects is quite understandable. After all, without confidence and a high self-esteem, every person will just be trapped in a world of mediocrity and self-blame. We all need to be able to walk down the street with heads held high, content in the knowledge that our presence on earth is not an accident.

Are you interested in raising your confidence and self-esteem? Then consider the following tips:

Come up with 500 positive adjectives that describe you. Yes, 500! Every person in the world can identify tons of great things about them; the only trouble is they never took the time. So in order for the reality that you’re a gorgeous, talented, one-of-a-kind creature to sink in, go through this exercise. You can even survey those around you (or consult a dictionary) once you’ve ran out of adjectives to use!

Actively change your posture into one of assertiveness and dominance. Even when you feel defeated inside, make sure that your non-verbal behavior communicates you’re still top dog. You just might get surprised; when you exude an aura of poise, power and self-assurance, people will start responding positively to you. You will attract the things that can raise your self-esteem for real. In short, fake it ‘till you make it!

Remember someone who loves you. You don’t have to be rich or incredibly beautiful in order to feel confident. The certainty that you’re a person of worth and value comes from the knowledge that you mean the world to at least one person in the universe. Success and beauty you can run after yourself. But love? It has to be freely given. When someone loves you for who you are, you know that you’re a person worth your weight in gold.

Try. Seriously. Self-confidence comes when you have a sense of achievement, and you won’t have a sense of achievement unless you try. What is it that you’ve always wanted to do? Okay then, take the first step towards reaching your goal. When you’re already getting positive feedback from your efforts, you will know that you have the ability to enact change in the world. This will make you confident enough to try more challenging endeavors in the future!

Drown the voice in your head. Is there a nagger in your head telling you that you’ll never be good enough, that you will never amount to anything? Well, shut it up! (And yes, if the voice is in your head, you’re the one giving the voice permission to speak.) Self-rumination is the natural enemy of a healthy self-esteem. Start being gentler with yourself --- there is really no point to emotional wounds, especially self-inflicted ones.

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