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Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are one of the fastest selling vehicles on the market today. But what is a hybrid car? A hybrid car has two motors, an electric motor and a gasoline powered motor. By having two motors, hybrid cars offers a unique blend of improved fuel economy, increased power, and advanced technology.

Types of hybrid cars

There are two main kinds of hybrid cars, a parallel hybrid car and a series hybrid car.

A parallel hybrid car can either use its electric motor or gasoline engine to turn the transmission. Both the electric and gas engines are connected directly to the transmission of the car. They Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are parallel hybrid cars. The Toyota Highlander is a parallel hybrid SUV.

A series hybrid car only uses an electric motor to turn the transmission and the gas engine is used only to charge the batteries that are used to power the electric motor. The gasoline engine never directly powers the vehicle.

Electric motors

The electric motor in hybrid vehicles boosts power to the engine during acceleration and climbing hills. Electric powered vehicles have a set of batteries for powering the motor, which turns the tires and rotates the transmission. Most of the electric cars are almost pollution free, however, they take allot of time to recharge.

Gas motors

Gas motored hybrids are generally better at high speeds and more powerful than electric motored hybrids. Gas engines recharge the battery while it's running. Many electric hybrid owners have to deal with the possibility of being stranded if their vehicle rus out of energy, however, gas hybrid owners don't have to worry about that because the engine automatically starts when the battery gets low and the engine recharges while it is running.

Gas Efficiency

Hybrid cars are the most gas efficient cars on the road. Most hybrid cars can typically get 48-60 miles per gallon.

Downside of buying a hybrid car

The biggest downside for many people who consider buying a hybrid is the price. While it can save you tons of money on gas, it can also put a big dent in your wallet. Hybrid cars may cost up to $7,000 more than a non hybrid car.

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