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How to eat locally

Eating locally is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and the environment. By buying fresh meats and produce from your local farmers market is also great for your community. Buying locally helps farmers stay in business and it keeps money in your own wallet. By eathing locally, you will reduce pollution and in return, making the air safer for yourself and others.

It is pretty hard to just wake up one day and decide you are going to start eating local. One of the first steps you have to take is find a farmers market close by your residence. You can also ask your grocer if the produce is grown locally or shipped from different areas. Let the store manager know you are asking where their food comes from because you want them to carry more locally grown food.

Online resources can be a big help also when you are looking for food that is grown local. There are many web sites that have lists of farmer's markets and local markets that sell food that is grown locally. If you are more comfortable shopping at a big supermarket, ask the manager if they will sell more local grown food.

Step by Step

When you have the time, find five foods in your house that you plan on buying locally. It can be anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to fresh meat products. You may find that in most areas, meats, fruits, vegetables and poultry are grown, harvested and produced close to your home.

If you are a person who loves to eat at restaurants, do your part of helping out your community by finding restaurants in your area that buys from local farmers. Ask the manager or owner where their produce comes from. If the restaurant buys from local farmers, continue to support them by eating at that restaurant.

If your not interested in buying from local markets or eating at restaurants, you can grow our own vegetables and fruits. Make a plan and decide what you want to grow. Consider buying heirloom trees and plants. Growing heirloom trees and plants will help increase the available gene pool for a particular plant for future generations. Heirloom gardening also offers different variety of fruits and vegetables that are not available in most stores.

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