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Green living for Christmas

Christmas is all about giving and spending time with your family and friends. However, you can also give back to the enviroment. The enviroment goes through so many changes and as people living on earth, it's our responsibility to make sure we take care of it. Whether your making a quiet meal for family and friends, buying gifts or your having a holiday party, you can make any occassion a waste free zone.

Christmas Trees

If you are planning on purchasing a real Christmas tree, consider buying one that you can plant after the holiday season. (Find out if you can grow one in your area before planting).


You can help save the earth by using reusable and recycled items to decorate your house and Christmas tree. Items such as recycled cd's and fruit peels are great items to use to make Christmas ornaments. You can use pinecombs as an easy way to decorate your house and can also be used as ornaments on your tree. Gather up some pinecombs and hang them on your tree for a very organic look.


One of the biggest parts about the holiday season is cooking. You can help the earth by buying organic foods and buying from local small farms. From meats and chocolates to beverages and fruits, organic foods reduces the amount of chemicles used on produce and animals. Buying from local farms also helps reduce the amount of green gas emissions in air,


Shopping for Christmas gifts can be very expensive and nerve racking. Going green this Christmas is the perfect way of letting other people help save the planet. For friends and family who love to cook, buy them an eco-friendly frying pan or an enamel-coated cast-iron pot. For the fashion expert in the family, give them a delightful t-shirt that's made from organic materials or a gift card to an eco-friendly clothing store.


During the holiday season you can throw a great party and still do your part to help save the planet. One of the most simple things to do this Christmas is to buy organic goods. No party would be complete without a little beer and wine. This Christmas, serve your guest an organic alcohol beverage. For those who don't drink alcohol, serve them organic apple cider, it tastes great and its eco friendly.

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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