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Building a Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse doesn't have to be expensive. If you know what to look for, you can build it from scrap materials. If you don't have the time to build your own greenhouse, you can have a contractor build one for you. If want to save money, building a greenhouse is a great option.

Getting started on building your greenhouse may be the most challenging part of the whole project. Selecting a spot for your greenhouse is very important. Plants need lots of sunshine, so build your greenhouse in a place that receives the enough sunshine.

Greenhouse frames

Choosing the right frame for your greenhouse is very important. The Quonset frame is simple and efficient and has an electrical conduit. The Quonset frame is circular and is covered with plastic sheeting. The gothic frame is similar to the Quonset frame, but it has a gothic shape. The gothic shape allows more headroom at the sidewall than the Quonset.

The ridge frame structure has vertical sidewalls and rafters for a clear path for construction. The post and rafter is a simple construction of embedded post and rafters. The rigdge frame requires more wood or metal than most frames. The A-frame is similar to the post and rafter frame, except that it has collar beam that ties the upper parts of the rafter together.

Greenhouse coverings

Glass is the most common form of coverings used for greenhouses. Glass looks great and it won't break your bank account. An aluminum frame is very ideal for a glass covering because it helps maintain the humidity in your greenhouse and requires low maintenance. Tempered glass is normally used for greenhouse coverings because it is stronger than regular glass. The only disadvantage for using glass is it breaks easily and requires a stronger frame than fiberglass or plastic requires.

Plastic can also be used as a greenhouse cover. Double-wall plastic has two layers of rigid plastic and retains more heat and energy. Double wall coverings are made from plastic sheets made out of acrylic or polycarbonaate. Film-plastic coverings are available in different grades of quality and different materials. The structural cost of film-plastic will be low because the frame can be lighter and plastic-film is very cheap. Film plastic is made from polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, copolymers and other material.

Greenhouse foundations

Permanent greenhouse foundations should be made for, glass fiberglass, or double-layer-rigid plastic sheet. However. permanent flooring should not be considered because it may stay wet and slippery from soil mix.


Your plant's water requirements is an important part of keeping your greenhouse running effectively. Hand watering is acceptable if the option is available. However, if necessary, you can purchase a watering system. Mist sprays are mostly used to create humidity or moisten seedlings. Watering kits can also be used to water plants in flats, benches or pots.

Air circulation

Installing air circulating fans in your greenhouse is a good investment. During the winter months when your greenhouse is heated, you need to maintain air circulation so that the temperature remains the same.


Automatic heating can be a very positive purchase for your greenhouse. When the winter season occurs and temperature drops, your plants may not get the proper amount of sunlight and heat that they need. Using an automated heating system may be the best choice if you live in an area that is normally cold. Heating systems can be fueled by electricity, gas, oil or wood.

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