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Binge Eating Disorder

What is Binge Eating?

Binge eating is an eating disorder characterized by a loss of control over eating behavior and the consumption of excess amounts of food within a short period of time. It is defined as having at least 2 binge episodes a weak for at least 6 months.

People with binge eating disorder are usually preoccupied with weight and food. They usually have high personal standards. Binge eating disorder is most common in older, overweight women.

Personal story: My battle with binge eating.

Most people with binge eating disorder are obese. Obesity is defined as being more than 20 percent above a healthy body weight. Normal-weight people also can be affected.

Symptoms of Binge Eating

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Eating large amounts of food, even when not physically hungry. Eating more rapidly than usual.
  • Eating until uncomfortably full.
  • Eating alone out of embarrassment at the quantity of food being eaten.
  • Feelings of disgust, depression, or guilt after eating.

What Causes Binge Eating disorder?

The exact cause of binge eating disorder is unknown.

How is Binge Eating disorder different from Bulimia?

The main difference between binge eating and bulimia is that in bulimia, bingeing is followed by purging (vomiting), taking laxatives and/or excessive exercising.

How is Binge Eating disorder different form Anorexia?

The main difference between binge eating and anorexia is that people with anorexia often eat very little and exercise excessively.

Complications of Binge Eating disorder

The most common complications of binge eating disorder are the diseases that accompany obesity. These disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

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