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Questions to ask your doctor

Knowing about diabetes is one of the first steps in understanding what can be done to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Many of your questions can be answered by your doctor. Below is a sample list of questions to aid you in learning about diabetes.

Questions to ask about diabetes:

  1. What is diabetes?
  2. What type of diabetes do I have?
  3. What is the right weight for me?
  4. What kinds and amounts of food are right for me?
  5. If you take medicine for diabetes: How much medicine should I take?
  6. When should I take my medicine?
  7. Should I check my blood sugar levels at home with a glucose monitor?
  8. When is the best time to check my blood sugars?
  9. What are my goals regarding blood sugar levels?
  10. What are the warning signs or symptoms that my blood sugars are too high?
  11. What are the warning signs or symptoms that my blood sugars are too low?
  12. How can I change my lifestyle and diet in a way that will be healthy?
  13. What are the side effects of my medications/insulin?
  14. Will I always need medications/insulin?
  15. What other medications can help me?
  16. Is having diabetes a disability?
  17. What are the long-term complications of diabetes?
  18. How can I avoid the long term complications of diabetes?
  19. How do high cholesterol and high blood pressure affect me if I have diabetes?
  20. How often should I be seeing my doctor to optimize my diabetes management?
  21. If you smoke: What can I do that will help me stop smoking?
  22. How should I take care of my feet?
  23. How do I check for loss of feeling in my feet? If there is loss of feeling, you should report it to your doctor.
  24. Are there any diabetes support groups that I could attend in our area?



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