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Will My Friends Accept My Younger Man?

Friends are people who care for you and value you and are there to support and encourage you. It is not always easy to predict whether or not your friends will be accepting of your decision to date a younger man or not. A number of factors might come into play here. First of all what have your past dating and marital relationships been like? How much of an age difference is there? Is this a man you have known for a while or did this relationship just sort of pop up out of the blue? Where did you meet this man? These are all questions that your friends are going to wonder about and why shouldn’t they? They are your closet confidantes after all and they care about your life.

If you have been hurt badly in the past by a man or worse, by a series of men then your friends are likely to harbour more reservations then if your relationships have been smoother with fewer bumps. Your friends might assume that because of the age difference that you are simply having a fling that is based on sexual attraction and little else. On the other hand your more modern, liberal minded friends might think it is fine for you to date a younger man.

It is understandable that you want your friends to accept your younger man and it is also natural that since you care for your new man as well as your friends that you would like them to meet. You want very much for your friends to accept and like the new man in your life and vice versa. If you handle things in a diplomatic manner such as biding your time and seeing what direction your relationship is going in before you plunge into the introduction of your new beau to your friends then this should be a smoother process then if you suddenly spring the new man on your friends without any prior warning. This could be embarrassing for both parties and these types of surprises are not recommended.

As a rule women are more concerned with what other people will think about them dating a younger man and therefore may be slower to share this information with friends. This is especially true if a friend has made disparaging remarks in the past about an older woman dating a younger man. You might want to feel your friends out about the concept of May-December romances when the woman is the senior person in the relationship before you tell them that you yourself are involved in one of these kinds of relationships.

It is probably best to know what you want from your relationship with a younger man before you start worrying about what your friends will think of him. Once you make the decision to tell your friends and to plan a meeting, tell your friends a few things about your new man so that he will feel more relaxed in their company when the meeting takes place. It is also advisable to let your younger man friend in on some details about your friends so he has a point of reference for the meeting as well.

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