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Dating an older man
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Slowing down with an older man

It is very common for younger women to find themselves drawn to men who are older than themselves. This is especially the case for women who are in their twenties and thirties. There are some women who date older men most of their lives. We can all remember a girl or two back in high school who was dating college guys in their twenties when the rest of us were dating guys our own age. For some women it gives them status, such as when an 18 year old, fresh out of high school meets a suave and experienced 24 year old. Often times women find that men their own age are less mature then themselves so they prefer the attention and company of men who are closer to the woman’s own level of maturity.

While there are advantages to dating an older man, it is important to remember that being young involves lots of frenzy and excitement and being a livewire of activity and energy. Depending on the age difference of the man and woman, this could mean that the lifestyles of the two people are very different. When you are young, socializing with others is a constant in your life. There are plenty of parties and going to clubs and plenty of dancing the night away. Even if the age difference is eight to ten years the man and woman might not see eye to eye on what to do when weekends roll around. Typically men slow down as they age so a man in his late thirties or forties who is dating a woman in her twenties might want to spend a quiet evening at home watching a movie and drinking Merlot while the woman might want to go out dancing and clubbing.

It is important to ask the question, as a younger woman are you ready to slow down and live with your older boyfriend’s way of life or not? The advantages of dating an older man are many as they tend to be more mature, more accomplished, more experienced in the ways of the world and their financial picture tends to be sound. However everything comes with its price. An older man may not want to hang out on Friday nights with his younger girlfriend’s crowd and therefore she may find herself sacrificing her needs in terms of her youth and vitality to do the things that he wants.

This is a problem that some older men- younger women couplings will encounter while others will not. Some women are flexible enough to have the best of both worlds while some men are young at heart and still enjoy the vitality and enthusiasm of being out on the town with younger people. If you choose to date an older man, regardless of the number of years that exists between you, discuss the different lifestyles and social lives you both lead and see if there is a way to find the happy medium between what he enjoys doing and what she enjoys doing. If this happy medium cannot be found then perhaps you will need to re-evaluate the relationship and decide if dating an older man is right for you at this stage in your life or not.

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