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Dating an older man
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What are the Odds of Marrying an Older Man?

Women marry at all difference ages today and they marry men of all different ages. Many of the taboos regarding age are breaking down, thanks to the likes of stars such as Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, Madonna and Geena Davis who have shown us that there is nothing whatsoever wrong with May-December romances that involve an older woman and a younger man. In fact many of these couplings prove every bit as successful as relationships that involve an older man and a younger woman. The odds of marrying an older man are still high but it often depends on what a woman is looking for in a mate and where she chooses to look for a potential mate. Sometimes we meet people in unexpected places or in unexpected ways and often we meet members of the opposite sex when we are not even looking for someone. If a woman only goes to places where men who own age are to be found then this will decrease her chances of dating and eventually marrying an older man. Women who wish to get married in their early to middle twenties have a better chance of marrying an older man because less younger men they meet will be interested in getting married at that point in their lives. More and more women on the other hand are choosing to marry men younger than themselves. According to the BBC News, the percentage of women who marry younger men has gone up considerably in the past 25 years. According to the Office of National Statistics, as of the year 1998, 26 percent of women were married to younger men while seven percent of women married men who were more than six years younger than them. Approximately 15 percent of women married a man who was more than six years younger than them while 15 percent of women who married for the second time wed a man who was more than six years younger than them. Today the average age for a woman to marry for the first time is age 27 and for a man it is age 28. Our society is becoming more and more accepting of many different types of relationships and it is still relatively common for older men to marry younger women. It is more common for the age difference to be ten years or less with plenty of women marrying men who are three to five years their senior. Love is blind, as the saying goes so it is not always easy to determine what age, in relation to your own, will the person be whom you fall in love with. Generally the larger the age gap the more problems a couple will have to cope with because they will more than likely clash when it comes to backgrounds, lifestyle choices and future goals. If two people love each other enough and are willing to work through the conflicts then the chance of their relationship succeeding is much greater.

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