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10 signs you need to go on a dating hiatus (part 2)

  1. Could it be that you're just sick and tired of the whole dating scene?  You've been set up on too many blind dates, gone to too many singles functions, been on an online dating site for too long and your just tired of the whole thing.  You need a new perspective.  Take a break from feeling like a hunk of sirloin at the meat market. Don't date until the idea sounds sexy and exciting to you again. 
  2. You've been dating the same person for a while now and there's nothing wrong with the person.  The truth is there just is no chemistry.  Get up your gumption and break it off just because the person isn't the right one. Don't hang on because you don't want to have to go back to being alone.  There are worse things than being alone:  Like being bored to death by your date's predictable conversation.  If you were alone you might find a new hobby, interest or sport.  You might take some lessons or classes.  You might go mountain biking, photographing butterflies, horseback riding, or out to visit friends and family you haven't seen in a while. Work on your spiritual connection with a power greater than yourself and try to find out what the plan is for your life.  Get rid of Mr./Ms. Wrong and hold off for Mr./Ms. Right while you have a good time by yourself.  Don't forget to pull back those singles antenna so no one mistakenly thinks you're still looking.
  3. You're dating but you don't feel good about yourself. Something is very wrong.  Maybe you're in a relationship where you don't feel free to be your real self.  That is very self-limiting.  What are you getting out of this old relationship if you don't even feel good about yourself?  It's time to make a change and opt for the freedom to go and be yourself unchained.
  4. Your friends think he or she is bad for you.  Maybe you don't want to hear what they're saying because you are afraid to go back to being lonely.  But when a number of your friends all start telling you the same exact thing you have to wonder what it is they see that you aren't seeing.  They are your friends after all, and they do have your best interests at heart.  Maybe you are blinded by need, dependency, sexual wants, or just the opportunity to go out on Saturday nights.  But if enough of them are telling you the same thing, it may be time to take a dating break and sort out what's what.  If could be that behind your fear, you know he/she is wrong for you too.  Give it some time.  If it's right, it will still be there.  If it's wrong, you will be grateful you finally woke up and saw it.
  5. You stay with one person but all you ever do is try to change him/her.  The simple truth may be that you don't belong together.  Have some respect for the other person and let her/him just be their self without your constant nagging to change.  To change into what?  Someone who matches up with your personality? That's just not going to happen.  Give it a rest and give dating a rest until you learn not to settle for less than you deserve--someone you don't have to try to change.

Did you see yourself in these scenarios?  I hope you will have the courage to take action and be on your own a while.  It might be the most rewarding time in your life.


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