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How Long Should You Date Over the Internet Before Meeting?

There is no general consensus among people who date by way of the Internet as to what period of time should elapse from the time two people first meet over the Internet and when they should meet in real time. Cyber dating can be fun and exciting but do not get too carried away too soon.

Be patient and relaxed as you get to know an individual you have met over the Internet. If you sense a connection with another person right away then great, but it is still necessary to take it slow. You need time to ascertain whether the person you are communicating with is honest and genuine in what they tell you. If the other person is not telling you the truth it becomes more difficult with time to keep the lies going so the longer you communicate via e-mail with the person the more likely you will be to uncover the truth. If you get the feeling that the person is not being completely truthful with you then ask questions and insist on answers and/or proof that the answers are truthful.

Go from e-mail and chatting online to talking to one another on the telephone. This is a better way to go than to immediately arrange a face-to-face meeting. It is best to ask for the other person’s telephone number and to make sure you block your number as a precaution when you call. If the phone call goes well and turns into several phone calls then when you feel comfortable doing so give the other person your number but it is best to give your cell phone number first and wait until after you have met for the first time to give the person your home telephone number.

How many e-mails you exchange and how many phone conversations you have before you arrange to meet is up to you and the other person to decide. Wait until you both feel comfortable enough with the situation and wait until you feel confident that what you have developed already can be translated into something real in the online world.

Always arrange to meet in a public place, such as a restaurant or coffee shop and go where there are plenty of people. Also choose a place that you are familiar with. It is best to meet the other person in the daytime and to let a family member or friend know who you are meeting and where in case a problem should arise with your meeting. Always drive yourself to and from the meeting because you do not want the other person to know where you live or work just yet. Make sure when the date is over, regardless of how your first meeting goes, that the other person is not in a position to follow you home. In other words do not make yourself vulnerable to anything untoward.

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