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My best friend is dating my parent

It can be very hard to handle your parents getting a divorce. Growing up, you thought your parents were going to stay together forever. Then the day comes when your parents aren't getting along, and they file for a divorce. One of your parents decides to get back into the dating scene, but what you didn't expect was that one of your friends is dating your parent.

At first you may feel angry or hurt by the fact that your friend has the nerve to ask your parent out on a date. You may ask yourself "why didn't my friend come to me and ask me if they could date my parent." Well, the truth is, your friend and your parent are grown people, and they can make decisions on their own.

If you have a problem with your best friend dating your parent, you have to ask yourself why are you having an issue with the situation. Is there something wrong with your best friend that you need to tell your parent about, or vice versa.

If your best friend is dating your parent, you should be very supportive to the both of them. They know the situation isn't going to be easy, but have trust in them that they will make the right decisions in good or bad times.

Remember, it's not all about you in this situation. You have to understand that love can be found at the strangest places. You want to see your parent happy, as well as your best friend, so why not let them find love in each other. You have to remember their feelings and emotions too. Once you see how much their care for each other, those feelings of hurt and anger will go away.

It may be a better idea for your parent to date your best friend, because at least you know they are with someone who cares about the both of you equally.

If you are uncomfortable with your parent dating your best friend, you should sit down and talk to them one on one first and find out what attracts them to each other. Then you should sit them both down and find out what their plans for each other are. That will give you a sense of what's going on in their relationship.

If you want to maintain a close relationship with your parent and your best friend while they are dating, stay out of their relationship. You don't want to give advice to your parent and best friend, that may cause them to break up. You also don't want to get caught up in taking sides.

Remember that your parent is very special to you, and your best friend will always be there for you. So, show how special your parent is to you by letting them find love, and be there for your best friend by supporting them through their relationship, like you always do.

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