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Dating After Divorce- Do I Continue to Co-Mingle with My Old Friends and My New Date?

Divorce shakes up a person’s life on so many levels. Not only do you lose your spouse but also it can affect the relationship you have with your children, other family members and your friends. Some people sadly lose friends after a divorce, especially if it is a couple that you and your husband were accustomed to spending time with. Many women fear that a divorced friend might go after her husband. These fears are often unfounded but sadly they do alter friendships between women and sometimes lead to the demise of long-term friendships. Many people say that you really can tell whom your friends are when life circumstances turn against you and this is often the case when it comes to friendship after a divorce.

How your friends will react to a new date often has to do with the conditions under which your divorce came about. If your spouse left you for another person or for any reason, your real friends will rally around you and feel protective but once you meet a person who makes you happy they will be pleased and will more than likely welcome the person with open arms. On the other hand if your new date is the reason that you got divorced then your friends may feel some trepidation and awkwardness in meeting your new date as well as guilt over the impact the divorce is having on the spouse you left behind.

If you are just getting back into the realm of dating after having your spouse leave you then there is no reason why you cannot continue to have your old friends and also introduce the new date in your life to your friends. It is important to keep your new relationship in perspective and to prepare your friends in advance when you decide it is time to introduce them to your date.

Your friends care for you and were there to help and support you throughout your divorce so they are likely to look at everyone you date in a cautious fashion at first. It is understandable that they do not want you, as their close friend to be hurt again by anyone else. Some of your friends may make it obvious that your date is being put to the test when they meet for the first time while others may be more discreet. Discuss this with your date before you introduce him to your friends and more than likely he will understand their point of view. If he is divorced and was left by his wife then his friends most likely feel the exact same way about you.

If you have found a date who truly cares for you and has your best interests at heart then your friends will come to see this the better they get to know your date and in time the undercurrent of suspiciousness and uncertainly will give way to a friendly, environment full of laughter and lots of good tidings for yourself, your date and your close and dear friends.

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