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Risks of Dating a Co-Worker

We can never determine whom we will find ourselves attracted to but a relationship between co-workers is precarious at the best of times. Many companies have formal written policies regarding relationships that develop between workers while others have more subtle unwritten rules about office romances. Violating the written policy or even the unwritten rules can have a very negative and unsettling impact on your job that could stay with you for many years to come. It is always best to proceed with the utmost caution when it comes to dating in the workplace.

Some companies have a no tolerance policy when it comes to individuals getting involved with their supervisors while others forbid workers from dating each other, no matter whether they are at the same level job wise, or work side by side, etc. Always be well informed about your company’s policy regarding dating before you decide to embark on an office romance. If your company does not forbid it and you decide to go ahead then the fewer people at work who know about it, the better. In this case, “mum’s the word” is the best plan of action for both parties involved. If your company does prohibit it and you go ahead with the relationship you could be endangering your job. People have been let go from companies because of violating other office policies, so why not this one?

Sometimes the negative consequences of a relationship that starts in the workplace are not worth the risks. Dating a co-worker can sometimes lead to the loss of a raise or a promotion. There are sexual harassment laws that protect workers from being passed over for raises or promotions if they turn down the advances of their superiors, however dating someone at work can play a role in the standing you currently have at your place of business. Unfortunately co-workers who date are often not taken as seriously or are perceived as being as dedicated to their jobs, as are other employees. While this is terribly unfair, it is sadly often the case.

The situation is even more intensified if a person gets involved with their supervisor. This can causes anger, resentment, and jealous feelings in an office if the other workers feel that favoritism is going on. The worker who is dating his or her supervisor will often be ostracized by his or her co-workers and may have to cope with hurtful comments, harsh judgments, insults and plenty of words being spoken in whispered tones as they enter a room. Some people stop talking with the person because they are afraid that any words they say could end up as pillow talk between the co-worker and supervisor who are having a relationship.

If you are serious about your relationship with a co-worker then one of you might want to request a transfer to a different department or else one person might actually consider looking for a job at a different company. These are decisions the two of you must make together when the time is right.

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