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Should Your Relationship be Known to Other Co-Workers?

Many workplaces had a policy against workers dating other workers because of problems like sexual harassment, conflicts of interests and office place jealousy. While there are no specific laws against co-workers dating one another in regards to state or federal laws, there are also no laws that say that employers cannot forbid workers from dating other workers. Most employers are okay with this as long as the two people are equal in status as workers. It is more likely that a relationship between a supervisor and a person working under him or her would present a problem. In order to prevent sexual harassment from taking place according to a survey done by The Vault in 2006, a number of larger corporations have instituted dating policies, which is an increase of 17 percent from the previous year.

It is best to keep your relationship with a co-worker quiet and private until the two of you are ready to come out to everyone at work that you are indeed a couple. When everything is fresh and new and you have just started to date maintain a regular working relationship during office hours and do not be obvious about your budding romance as every office has its share of gossips and busybodies who will have the news sent down the grapevine before the end of the workday is through. This means keep all signs of affection such as kissing, hugging and hand holding out of the office. Always make discretion the name of the game. If your co-workers and your employer are aware that you are dating another co-worker before the two of you have developed a solid, committed relationship then that can put pressure on a fragile relationship and can lead to its downfall.

The longer you can keep your relationship away from the prying eyes and wagging tongues of other people, the better it will be for the growth and healthy development of your relationship. Once other co-workers are aware of your dating situation they will be closely scrutinizing your relationship and suddenly the two of you may feel as if you are two specimens under a microscope.

If you have one or two co-workers who are confidantes and you know for sure that they can be trusted then when you feel you are ready to tell someone at work, tell that person or persons first. However limit the number of individuals you tell. Keep in mind that the more people that are aware of your personal relationship with the co-worker the harder it will be for them to keep it a secret, no matter how good their intentions are.

There is always a concern by other employees that one person will be treated with favoritism if they are involved in a relationship with a co-worker and this could cause jealously and a disagreeable work environment. This is more commonly the case however when a person does not date a co-worker but a superior to them at work.

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