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Marrying a Co-Worker

Dating relationships between co-workers are fairly common but do these relationships often lead to serious commitments? According to a study done by the American Management Association (AMA), yes they do. The study looked at the success of workplace dating and found that an estimated 44 percent of people who dated a co-worker eventually married the person.

An estimated 391 managers and executives were asked to give their views regarding the office policies at their companies as well as their own personal ideas and attitudes on office romances. Approximately 30 percent of the respondents said that they had dated someone they had met at work at one point in time. There were 116 employees who were polled and 23 percent of these individuals said that their office romance had led to a serious committed relationship that either was still going on or else had subsequently ended. Of these individuals, 33 percent of them said that they had dated someone they worked with on a short-term basis only.

Many occupations necessitate long working hours, which means that many workers are left with fewer free evenings and/or weekends to go out and socialize with others. As well there are more single parents now than ever before and once finished with their workdays, these people go home to look after their children instead of going out to mingle with like-minded individuals. Many people find themselves exhausted at the end of a long work week and the last thing they want to do is go out to a club or social event on a Friday or Saturday night so meeting people at work makes more sense and is much more convenient for them.

If you do develop feelings for a co-worker and it looks as if it could get serious, it is best to be well informed about the office policies of dating a co-worker. This is the case whether your company has a written policy or a set of unwritten rules.

Maintain a level of professionalism at work at all times and do not bring displays of affection into the workplace. Once your relationship is shown to be serious and is known to other staff members this should take some of the pressure off however it is always important to behave appropriately and to not let your love for the other person affect your work. It is very likely that your supervisor will become more watchful of your job performance, and the work of your significant other, once the truth of your serious commitment is revealed.

As a couple who is considering marriage should discuss the impact that your relationship will have on the two of you at work, both at the present time, as well as how it will be affected in the future if you wed. Always keep the lines of communication open between the two of you.

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