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Common Mistakes of Online Daters

One of the biggest mistake online daters tend to make is not knowing what it is they really want. Not knowing what they really want can cause a lot of problems, hurt feelings and waste other’s time. It sounds insignificant, but you'd be surprised how many people prefer to dive into the deep end of the online dating pool when they aren't even sure if they want a lifelong partner or a friend with benefits. Before you get into the online dating pool, take a few minutes to really consider what you're searching for in a relationship.

Another big mistake is to drag out an email relationship for months before you meet. It is common to feel a connection with someone who lives far away. This perceived connection causes people to reveal intimate details of their lives with a virtual stranger. Sharing too much information can cause big problems later. It can make you feel pretty vulnerable. Also, because you haven't seen this person yet, you can't read their expressions or observe their behavior which can cause you to project a fantasy image of who you want or imagine this person to be, rather than who they really are.

A mistake the people often make is to make a ‘real-life’ date almost immediately, without getting to know the person first. This is a mistake because it leaves little time to find out if you had enough in common with your potential love interest to get you through a half hour date.

If you’re online dating because you really want to meet someone special, then set a goal to do just that. Try emailing for a few weeks to get an idea that you like this person enough to know that you'll be entertained for at least a few hours, and that you'd probably want to be friends even if there is no physical chemistry.

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