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Should Blind Dates be with the Person that Set it Up?

Blind dates are just that, dates with a person you have never met before. A blind date can come about in a number of ways. A blind date can be set up when a friend or co-worker or family member knows a person that they think you would like and be attracted to so they act as a go-between to get the two of you to meet and spend some time together. Blind dates can also be had when people place personal ads or meet people by way of the many websites dedicated to bringing single people together. In most cases however when people meet by way of the Internet they decide to exchange photos and often have a conversation on the telephone and therefore the date is not as “blind” as it is when someone else engineers it. Yet another method of blind dating is by way of a dating service or dating agency where the agency matches up your profile with those of eligible people that they believe to be a good match for you and from there dates are arranged.

Before you make the decision to say yes to a blind date, take a careful inventory of the person who is setting the wheels in motion for the date. How well do you know this person? Have they been in your life for a long while and do they know you well or not? How well do they know the other person that you are being set up with? Is the person doing the setting up in a happy and successful relationship themselves or not? It is probably not wise to accept a blind date that is set up by a person who is not capable of maintaining a healthy relationship himself or herself. It may sound harsh but this person might not be the best judge of the other person’s character and you probably do not want to go there.

Do not let yourself get set up on a date because the person simply feels that you spend too many Friday and Saturday nights alone and it is time for you to go on a well deserved date. If you do this and the date goes nowhere then the person doing the setting up will probably blame himself or herself that it did not work out and you don’t want anyone to end up feeling guilty or having their feelings hurt.

Blind dates can be with the person who set it up if everyone is comfortable and fine with that. Consider the motivation of everyone involved and also consider what your goals are in terms of dating. Not everyone is looking for a long-term relationship all of the time nor is everyone always looking for a short-term relationship.

Take the time to learn as much as you can about the person you will be having the blind date with. What is his or her personality like? Is the person quiet and shy or outgoing and more sociable? What are the person’s likes and dislikes? What are the other person’s interests? These are all important things to know when anticipating a blind date.

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