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Who Pays for the Blind Date?

When it comes to dating there is no unanimous decision between men and women about who should pay what. This is the case when it comes to first dates as well as blind dates and it also goes for dates that a person makes with an individual whom they have become acquainted with online.

Once upon a time it was the man who did the asking and therefore also did the paying but today the rules in regards to who pays for what on dates are not so clear-cut. A blind date is a fix up by a third party so it is not always easy to decide who should foot the bill for the date. It is generally regarded as an unwritten rule that whoever does the pursuing pays for the date. Most men look at blind dates as they view any first date- they feel that as the man they should pay for the coffee or drinks or dinner. If that is the case then the woman should graciously allow the man to pay. Many women believe that the man should offer to pay for the blind date.

If you are in doubt about who is going to pay what then always bring along enough money to pay your own way and always choose a location that is affordable for you both. You do not want to choose a fancy restaurant and order an expensive meal only to discover that they other person wants to go Dutch and you can barely afford to leave a tip!

A good way to solve the dreaded “who pays” question is to discuss it upfront either in a telephone conversation before you go out for your date or else at the very start of the date. One way to work this is for the one person to suggest a location and then tell the other person that it is their treat. This solves the problem of who is going to pay and it helps take some of the pressure off so both individuals can get down to business- which is to enjoy their date and get to know one another better.

Some people have a different outlook on the going Dutch scenario. Many women believe that a man’s willingness to pay for a blind date and also the second or third dates is a good sign for the growth of the relationship. Generosity is not an old convention that has gone by the wayside- it is very sexy and says a great deal about a man’s character. Tallying up costs at the end of an evening is one thing when it comes to friends or work colleagues but on a date it detracts from the purpose of the evening and can even affect whether or not the date was a success.

Keep this in mind- the purpose of a date is different than the purpose of a get together with friends. One person is taking the other person out somewhere and in a symbolical manner this is a form of taking care of another person and making them feel special. As everyone is aware, we all like someone to make us feel special!

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