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I Did Not Know That My Blind Date was My Friend’s Cousin. Should I Continue to Date Him?

The popularity of the Internet has brought with it a whole new medium for meeting other eligible singles. Now from the comfort of their own homes people can sign onto any number of matchmaking sites to meet other people who are looking for dates. Getting to know a person online and then arranging a date is a type of blind date because even though you have met online and have exchanged some e-mails or chatted via the chat lines, technically you are still strangers to one another until you meet face to face for the first time.

There are still the conventional blind dates as well where a friend, family member or co-worker knows that you are single and tells you that they know someone you might be interested in and from there the same information is communicated to the other party and the date is arranged. Blind dates are always a source of nerves as both people worry about the impression they will make on the other and they wonder if they are in for a terrific evening or a horrific one.

It is always a plus when the blind date goes well and leads to another but it can be particularly disconcerting to discover that the blind date is related to someone you know, such as in your friend’s cousin for example. In this case you may question whether it is okay to continue to date the person based on what you know. If you find out that you have met someone whom you really like and they are related to someone you know then it is best to be honest and upfront with the person. Tell your friend, “I went out with this guy on a blind date and I really like him but I have just recently found out that he is your cousin. Does it bother you that I am dating your cousin?”

Nine times out of ten your friend will not be upset but will be pleased that the two of you have found one another and that the situation looks promising. However not being honest could lead to your friend feeling misled and deceived which is not what you want at all. Honesty is an important policy and it applies to this situation as much as it does to any other situation you encounter in your life.

It might so happen that it is your friend who tells you that it is her cousin that you are dating. After your initial surprise, sit down and talk about this and see if you can both laugh about it or if it will present a problem to either your friendship with your friend or your developing relationship with the new guy. Once everyone is aware of the fact that everyone else knows one another this should allow everybody involved to become more relaxed and at ease with the overall situation. Only then can you really begin to enjoy the relationship you are in!

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