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Inter-Racial Dating: How to Deal with Public Scrutiny

Bi-racial dating is becoming more and more common as well as more social acceptably all of the time. Unfortunately dating someone outside of your own race is still considered controversial in some areas and many couples who date one another and are of different races tend to encounter social and cultural obstacles as well as having to deal with the sometimes unpleasant public scrutiny of others.

How to cope

When it comes to coping with public scrutiny, first recognize that you are likely to encounter it, no matter what you do. Public scrutiny of bi-racial dating can occur anywhere that a couple is seen together. In some cases you will encounter blatant staring from other people and in some cases hurtful comments. You might even come across anger and overt prejudice.

Dating is stressful enough but having to cope with dirty stares and the malicious words of others can cut deep. Keep in mind that no matter where you go there will be facets of the population that do not agree with bi-racial dating. You care for the person you are with so let your heart be your compass and do not let the harsh opinions of others cause you to question an otherwise happy and fulfilling relationship.

When any of the above situations arises when you are out in public it is tempting to lash out at the offender or to stare back. Refrain from doing any of these things as you bring yourself down to the other person’s level and this can often make a strained situation even worse. Maintain your composure and remain as cool under pressure as you possibly can. It might help to discuss the possibility with your beau that these situations might arise so you will both be prepared to cope in the event that they do occur.

It is unfortunate but there are people that can be ignorant, insulting, belligerent and even ready for a fight so always keep the safety and security of yourself and your partner in mind when you are faced with these unfortunate situations. When you encounter a person who is yelling at you or threatening you in any way it is tempting to do the same back and also to point out how uneducated and uninformed the individual is but the best thing to do in this situation is to walk away. Choosing to beat a hasty retreat does not make you a coward but it shows you to be a person of character who is not looking for a fight. After all you should not have to defend the personal choices you make to complete strangers.

Even if it is only stares or whispers that you have to contend with in public it can still hurt. There is nothing you can do to stop these things from happening so the best thing you can do is to be polite, even to those who do not deserve respect or politeness, and to show yourself to be the dignified person you know yourself to be.

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