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Bi-Racial Dating After the Age of 60

It is important to come up with a strategy for dating after the age of 60 that is akin to plans you make for other endeavors in your life such as a work project, a household project and so on. Despite the challenges, if you are willing to show some flexibility in your life and be as proactive as positive the transition to dating again can be a positive one.

Once you begin dating if you meet and find yourself attracted to a member of a different race this can be a challenge you may or may not find yourself up for. Many people have deeply ingrained ideas about whom it is all right to date and whom it is not, and racial prejudices are not just the domain of the older generation. You may be surprised to discover opposition from your adult children that you did not expect, especially if you have always known your kids to be liberal minded about these sorts of matters. Keep in mind that your children love you and often the protective role becomes reversed once adult children grow up and start families of their own.

Sit your family down and tell them how you feel about your bi-racial date and tell them that it would mean a great deal to you if they could look past the color of the person’s skin and get to know them for who they are. Sometimes your family members might be unaware that they subconsciously feel as they do. Always treat the issue with sensitivity when you talk to your family and be understanding and patient as you do not want to alienate anyone you love over the whole issue of bi-racial dating.

Although it is not pleasant to deal with your family not liking or accepting your date, it is actually better when it is your family or your friends and not the other way around. When it is your loved ones then at least you have a modicum of control over the situation. Resist the urge to become angry with your family and fly off the handle when you talk about or bring over your bi-racial date.

It is important to sit down and discuss the situation like civilized adults. Attempting to force your family members to feel as you do or threatening them such as in saying, "You will see a lot less of me if you do not accept my date" will not work and will only drive a wedge between yourself and your loved ones. Keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day and the same is try with the attitudes of others, even those you love. Take it one day and a time and be patient with the entire situation. In the meantime continue to develop the relationship with your bi-racial partner and be happy that you have found a terrific person to become a part of your life.

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