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Dating After 60- Is the Spa an Ideal Place to Meet a Date?

Dating after 60 can be challenging and it takes some ingenuity to come up with ways to meet new people and places to meet potential dates. One new and very creative way of bringing single people over 60 together is to have an evening of speed dating at a spa. This appears to have gotten its start in the United Kingdom but the appeal of it has found its way across the ocean and now many states are also looking at its effectiveness in pairing up eligible singles.

No two spas do it exactly the same but the way it works in general is that people sign up ahead of time for the event and then at the scheduled time registration is done and the attendees of the speed dating event each are treated to a free goody bag compliments of the spa which contains some free beauty products and some coupons for services. During the event (sometimes it is hosted by the spa but the actual event does not take place at the spa but nearby, while other times it does take place at the spa) beverages are served to the attendees in the form of beer, wine, coffee, tea, mineral water and so on and there is often food and music, live or otherwise. Overall it is a relaxed, enjoyable setting where people can mingle and get to know one another within the allotted timeframe for each individual speed date.

After the speed dating has ended, attendees are encouraged to stick around to continue to enjoy the music and generally hang out and socialize with other people. Often the massage therapists offer a free chair massage to anyone who is interested and this tends to be a popular highlight of the evening.

Many spas in the UK are located within country clubs or hotels and therefore attract a diverse clientele. Once thought of as the domain of women, more and more men are coming to appreciate the advantages of going to a spa as there are a tremendous amount of services that are available for both sexes to partake in. Bear in mind that meeting a potential date at a spa is one viable method of meeting new people. Even if you do not go to a spa often or cannot afford a membership, you can still go with a friend or purchase a gift certificate. Sometimes it only takes one visit to meet that special someone!

Whether you meet your future date or mate at a spa or not, many spas offer spa treatments for couples or romantic couples weekends that can help bring the two of you closer together. For example some spas offer aromatherapy massage for couples or hot stone massages as well as customized facials and a lunch. If you choose to stay at a spa for a romantic weekend you could be treated to a luxurious suite with a whirlpool tub. Spas are all about romance and indulging each other after all!

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