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Dating After 60- How to Determine Who Pays for the Bill

If you speak to men and women alike you will never get a unanimous answer to the question- who should pay the bill on a date. This is still an issue that many people grapple with when it comes to dating after the age of 60. If you are not sure about this issue then it is a good idea to stick to some general guidelines about paying the bill on a date.

Whoever does the pursuing and asking should pay for the date. Most of the time it will be the man but sometimes it is the woman. Often men over the age of 60 are gentlemanly and have been taught that they are not just paying for a meal or a movie but the pleasure of a woman’s company and therefore should pay. In fact men even over the age of 40 often see it as their role to pay for dates and many women feel both nurtured and more comfortable when this takes place. This however does not mean that men should expect sex because they paid for dinner. Modern day etiquette often encourages that if one person pays for the first few dates then as time goes by the other person should begin paying for some dates and the couple can alternate back and forth.

If one person has plenty of money and the other does not then it is best if the person of means be generous with their money and pick up the tab more often. This of course does not mean that the person of lesser means should never pay. It is best at the start of a relationship for the person with the larger bank account to pay and to graciously turn down the other person’s offer to pay. Never however demean the other person because they earn less money, as this is not the right way to begin any relationship.

It can be awkward to discuss money on a date so it is best to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Discuss who will be paying either before the date or at the start of the date to get it out of the way so you can enjoy your evening together. If you should happen to decide to go out to a movie and then dinner and nothing is said ahead of time then if one person automatically buys the movie tickets the other should offer to pay for the dinner on the way to the restaurant.

Many of the traditional views about who pays still hold true for many people while other more modern views have taken hold as well. As human beings we often have the “exchange system for mating rituals” engrained in our mental makeup. When a woman offers to pay for a date and a man is fine with it this shows her power and also her interest in him and in turn this shows that the man is accepting of both of these things in the woman.

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