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I ran for my life

It's easy for me to come up with my worst date story. It may be hard to believe, but every word of this is true. I had just moved to the Atlanta, GA area for work-related reasons. I was in my mid-thirties, single and pretty lonely. I met a woman through a phone ad-based dating service -- one where you dial an 800 gateway number, access her voice personal, and, if you like the message, pay to have the service call her personal phone. Her voice ad seemed good to me, so I connected through, and we talked for awhile. We made plans for a date later that evening, and she gave me directions.

This is where the problems started. She lived pretty far out of the Atlanta metro area. Actually -- very far out. I drove for what seemed like an eternity and arrived at a trailer in the middle of nowhere. A poorly-furnished, dumpy trailer with a few roaches running around in it. Maybe it was the overall setting, but my "date" was definitely more rough around the edges in person than she appeared to be on the phone.

I suggested we (quickly) head out for the evening, and she countered with an idea to go to a favorite bar/restaurant/pool hall hangout of hers. We drove for quite awhile, and finally arrived at the place -- just on the outskirts of civilization. It was, surprisingly, less dangerous than I imagined it to be. There was a catch, though. The bouncer types at the door recognized her. It seems she had walked out on her last tab, and would not be allowed back in until she paid it. Of course, she had no money with her (probably didn't have any at all), so - like an idiot - I paid the $40.00 balance.

Things got even worse when we got inside. I bought drinks and appetizers, which she quickly dug into. Then -- outside of the dining area, in the pool table section -- she recognized another guy. I guess she was very happy to see him, because she ran over and hung out with him -- leaving me alone long enough that other patrons noticed and commented to me that her behavior was not appropriate.

After - literally - 40 minutes on my own at the table, she came back. It turns out her other guy friend had JUST BEEN RELEASED FROM PRISON. The "poor guy" (who looked like a scary, complete loser) didn't have a car, so her plan was for me to take all three of us back to her place. I don't even want to imagine what she wanted to go down if that happened. My worst suspicions were now fully confirmed. She was a complete piece of trash, and I was now actually frightened.

I thought quickly -- about the fact that she only knew my first name, that I (anonymously) paid cash for the bar entry fee and food/drink, that she didn't know where I lived, and didn't have my phone number. I also knew that I was the only one of the three of us who had a car.

It was quite easy to figure out what to do next. I calmly and coolly said to her, "That sounds like a great plan. I already paid the tab. Let me just hit the restroom, and I'll be right back".

Fortunately for me, the restroom was off to the side of the fairly crowded room, right by an additional entrance. I made a beeline for that side door, waited until the crowd covered me, and RAN out the side as fast as I could to my car. I think I had it started, out of the parking lot, and more than halfway home before the trashy whore and her jailbird loser man knew what happened.

As I was driving home, I surveyed the damage. I was out about $75.00 - including "entrance fees", tabs, gas money and the phone service fee to connect with this loser. I concluded that this was a small price to pay for my life. I immediately cancelled the phone/date service membership, and I honestly don't think I went out on any dates for months after that!

Todd, Georgia

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