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Mama's True Confessions - Rabbit Ears

"I'm a 26 year old female and I like to bite my rabbit's ears. I pick up the rabbit and hug it and then bite it's ears." Vera, California

"I am a big coupon queen. I never leave my house without them. Sometimes I am a coupon fairy. I leave coupons that I don't need next to items in grocery stores." Rachel, Omaha

"I must confess. I am jealous of my sister and she has no idea that I am jealous of her. I think of ways to upset her, but she acts as though nothings wrong. I hope I can come to grips with my jealousy." Tara, Wisconsin

"I secretly am an nympho and I've had sex with over 20 guys in the past month..I hope I don't have an STD." Lila Rhode Island

"I used to be "lose" when I was in high school and got a bad reputation.  I was looking for attention and got it the wrong way." Pam, Washington

"Because of your site, I just confessed to my husband that I had an affair over 15 years ago. What a relief off my shoulder." Gail, Seattle

"I have a habit of stealing supplies from work. Some days I'm afraid I might get caught and lose my job. The things I steal are of very little worth compared to the money I make." Troy, Memphis

"My husband has an offensive odor in the morning and I don't know how to tell him to take a bath. He takes all his baths at night. We've only been married for 6 months." Julie, Georgia

"During the election, I told my wife I voted for one candidate when I really voted for the other one." Roger, New York

I adore my brothers baby boy, but he looks just like my sister-in-law, whom I don't get along with." Barbara, Utah

"I married my husband because he is a musician and before we got married he told me he made a lot of money. Now, I know that he doesn't make nearly as much as he said he did and now I want a divorce." Mary, New York

"I am a 17 year old girl that thinks about sex all the time and when I'm alone I use my mom's vibrator." Elizabeth, New York

"I've been having an affair for over two years. I tell my wife that I'am going fishing twice a week, but actually I am spending time with my girlfriend. I stop at the fish market on my way home and buy fish. I tell my wife that this is the fish I caught and she believes it." Bill, Oregon

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