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Mama's True Confessions: Parent's Secret

"My parents don't know that I am aware of the child my father has with another woman. We are the same age and live in the same city." Susan, Missouri

"While serving in the Army, I fathered a child that my wife is unaware of. Since we were married at the time it is hard for me to tell her the truth." Jake, NY

"For the last six months I have been pretending to enjoy making love to my wife, when all the time I'm thinking about my sister-in-law." Tony, Washington

"I do not like the fact that my boss always comes to me for advice. When he ask my opinion on a subject he either ignores my response or ask me why do I feel that way." Marcia, Kentucky

I had a nervous breakdown when I was 13 years old. I have 2 children and I'm afraid the oldest one, which is eleven, is following in my footsteps. My wife has no clue of my past and has questioned our child's behavior." Danny, New Jersey

"Today is the first day I have been able to look my daughter in the face. A year ago she spent a week-end out of town with my brother, who by the way is married. I know I should be upset with my brother, but men will be men." Alice, Georgia

"My son has been a very good husband to his wife but during a family outing he confessed to me that she is cheating on him. I wanted to tell him to leave her, but they have 3 small children. It is tearing me up inside to know that she is cheating on him. His wife has always been very respectful to me and my husband." Shirley, North Carolina

"I do not enjoy going over to my mother-in-laws house. It reaps of smoke, it's dirty, it smells like old socks and it's dark and dingy. I believe my husband feels the same way, but he won't admit it." Janice, Oklahoma

"My 6 year old daughter started first grade today and I feel so ashamed because I am happy that she will be out of the house all day long!" Gayle, California

"I do not know how to tell my wife that her style of clothes are offending to me. When we first met she was very sophisticated in what she wore, now anything goes." Rick, Oregon

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