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Mama's True Confessions: Mailman

"When I was working for a marketing firm two years ago, I ran out of money during the week. The mailman would always flirt with me, but I never paid him any attention, I was hungry and I had no money, so I flirted back with him, and he paid for my lunch." Sara, Kansas

"When I was 22, my friend took me to a bar and we got drunk. I was so drunk, that when we left the bar, I forgot to use the bathroom. While we were in her car, I peed on myself and all over her seat. She never found out because it was at night, and she was drunk also." Natasha, New York

"I confess that I've never had a girlfriend in my life. I'm a thirty-five year old male and I haven't had my first girlfriend or kiss. I'm really scared to talk to women because I don't know what to say or how to act." Greg, Montana

"My confession is that I hate waking up in the morning to go to school. It's not like my grades are bad, I just hate being in high school. I have friends, but everyone thinks their losers. I can't legally drop out until I'm 18 and by that time, I'll have already graduated." Sherry, California

"My boyfriend works for a modeling agency, and I think I'm in love with his boss. Whenever I'm at my boyfriends job, I try not to stare at his boss, but I can't help it. His boss asked me a question one day, and I almost fainted. My boyfriend doesn't know about any of this, but he's always asking me why I love coming to his job so much." Donna, New York

"When my husband and I use to argue, I would secretly go online and talk to guys. One day, me and my husband got into an argument, and not only did I go online, I ended up sleeping with one of the guys I met." Maria, New Mexico

"Whenever I hear gospel songs, I pretend that the artist singing the song is talking about me. I pretend that I'm the one that's being praised and that I'm the one who saves everybody. I don't think I'm GOD, but I pretend that I'm everyone's savior." Kevin, Texas

"My confession is that I can't stand my girlfriends mom. She's always telling me about my girlfriends ex-boyfriends and all the romantic things they use to do together. I can't stand it, her mom is always asking me to drive her to the grocery store and help her out around the house, but while where're doing these things, she's talking about all my girlfriends ex-boyfriends." Jesse, Alabama

"I'm an atheist and I still like to receive gifts for Christmas. I don't believe in Jesus and I hate going to church, but I love all the gifts I receive from people on Christmas. My family doesn't know that I'm an atheist and I've always participated in all our family functions on Christmas. The only reason I like Christmas is because of all the wonderful gifts I receive." Tim, Florida

"I'm addicted to driving alone at night. It's something about being alone in my car and blasting the music while I smoke a cigarette. I love driving when it gets dark because it's peaceful and relaxing. I can get into a zone and feel completely at ease with myself." Paulette, Arkansas

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